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We provide eco-friendly automotive recycling. We are independent from people manufacturing vehicles. You can sell your car for best cash. Then, we make sure that after the old plasters are destroyed, they are placed in an enterprise that uses reusable plaster, while the metal stylists are sent to a recycling company. If you have an older car  rolling around in your driveway, or a luxury vehicle in a spot.If you want to dispose of the bus. contact WreckCars. We will arrange a convenient day and time, visit your location and provide you with instant cash to sell your car.

Our mission is to improve the model and bring public attention to the auto recycling industry and build a healthy relationship and maintain a reputation for supplying quality, guaranteed, recycled auto parts. Our representative will be deputed to inspect your vehicle. After inspection of your vehicle, we will make the best cash offer. We buy your old, junk, damaged and unwanted car for cash.Simply contact us with your vehicle information and we’ll take care of the rest. We want to bridge the gap between the buyer of a used car and the seller of my car.

Our team has decades of experience and this combined with all relevant recent sales data available is able to provide you with the most competitive offer for your vehicle. Not everything we do is automatic. You deal face-to-face with one of our friendly and professional assessors. They confirm hassle-free dealing of your car.

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We aim to become the leading junk car buyers in New Zealand, revolutionizing the industry with innovative technologies and environmentally friendly practices. Our vision is a cleaner and greener future where car owners can easily and responsibly dispose of their unwanted vehicles.We will provide best services for junk car selling.


Our mission is to provide hassle-free car removal services while prioritizing customer satisfaction and promoting environmental sustainability sell your car.